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Dragi prieteni, dacă vă reamintiți, la începutul acestui an vă anunțam despre a XXII-a ediție a Școalii de vară organizată de Centrul ”Huerta del Rey” din Valladolid, Spania, în perioada 2-13 Iulie 2012. Centrul ”Huerta del Rey” este specializat în organizarea și implementarea de programe educaționale pentru copiii și tinerii supradotați. Organizația noastră are o experiență de lungă durată cu acest centru, împreună cu care a dezvoltat o serie de proiecte și în România (la Iași și Suceava).

Dacă sunteți interesat, vă invităm să ne contactați direct pentru afla mai multe detalii despre acest eveniment destinat copiilor între 6 și 18 ani, evaluați ca fiind supradotați.


Dear friends, remember that earlier this year, we have announced you about the XXII International Summer Course in the “Huerta Del Rey” Center Valladolid, Spain (July, 2-13th, 2012). This centre is specialised in developing educational programs for talented children. Our organization collaborated with Huerta Del Rey centre in developing international educational programs deployed in Spain and Romania (in Iasi and Suceava) and during some psycho-pedagogical research projects as well.

RO-Talent recommends this Summer Course for gifted children organised by the Huerta Del Rey. The course is aimed for children and youngsters, born between 1994 to 2006. Children and youngsters must have been tested as gifted students (it is necessary to include a photocopy of the psychological report).

If you are interested in participating to this course, please contact us and we shall give you more information about the event and how to become part of it.

XXII International Summer Course In The “HUERTA DEL REY” Center Valladolid, Spain (July, 2-13th, 2012)
Courses are given by a team of trained psychologists, teachers and professionals at all teaching levels, from primary school till university, with the collaboration of several public and private agencies as well as well-known professionals. Courses are planned to achieve the aims and objectives designed in the EPSEM Enrichment Model, whose principal aim, for more than a decade, has been our theme: “It is not planned to make exceptional people, but happy children”.
The Educational Psychology and Social Enrichment Model (EPSEM), created in 1989, is based on the study of the developmental differences in gifted students, according to an exhaustive identification and evaluation process. This allows us to know every child’s characteristics well in order to provide personal counselling and treatment, according to different educational, emotional, motivational, social, etc. factors.

The courses of the EPSEM Programme are an enrichment extracurricular education strategy that consists of designing personal programmes, according to every child’s characteristics, following vertical or horizontal criteria as required and applied simultaneously to the normal and regular instructional programme. The courses of the EPSEM Programme are useful for the improvement of the regular curricula, because they incorporate and allow the realization of different activities that can not be implemented in the regular classroom. Besides they promote the cognitive, social and emotional development of the children and youngsters.
General objectives of EPSEM Programme are:
– the prevention of failure in school;
– the increase of motivation;
– the stimulation of search and relationship;
– the provision of security for students so that they can meet other students that think, feel and talk the same way they do.