Platon Youth Forum 2009
Platon Youth Forum 2009

As you are already used to, in this period we have the pleasure to announce the Platon Youth Forum, organized by the “Fiends of Platon” club in cooperation with University of Salzburg and “ECHA-Österreich” (European Council for High Ability).
The forum will take place in Obertrum (Salzburg, Austria) between 28 July – 3rd of August 2013. The event addresses to 50 highly interested and motivated young people aged 15 to 20 from all over Europe who wish to get involved in a productive European dialogue.
This year’s workshops will deal with:

  • Matters concerning young people
  • Europe as a community
  • Problems we share in Europe
  • Our different points of view and how we can solve these problems together

More details and the link to the Forum’s website can be found in the Events section of our website.

Deadline for application: 30th of June 2013