Another official document regarding the support which should be offered to the talented people at the European level, was proposed and signed by four members of the European Parliament: Dr. Kinga GAL (Hungary), Mojca KLEVA (Slovenia), Barbara LOCHBIHLLER (Germany) and Hannu TAKKULLA (Finland).

The Written Declaration 34/2012

expresses certain recommendations to the Member States. It calls on them to consider measures helping the various forms of talent support suitable to be integrated in the educational system or pointing beyond the curriculum, including in-service teacher training. It calls on the Commission to give talent support priority in the context of the development of the European strategies and in particular of strategic planning concerning the European Research Area and the European Social Fund, respectively

as European Talent Centre, Budapest mentioned on its webpage.

In order to provide a legal basis, the WD 34/2012 needs the support and signatures of at least 374 members of the European Parliament till 19th of February 2013.

Read the WD34/2012 below: